My little sweeties

My little sweeties

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rosemary is currently 14 Months Old

Tot School

Well, I slacked off last week on posting our Tot School Post. We did Tot School, I just didn't document anything. Mommy fail! Back on track this week! This week's theme was Things That Go. Got the idea from a title of one of Ro's books.  Rosemary's Daddy is a car fanatic so he had a lot of fun with the theme this week as well!

The major toy of the week was Leap Frog Speedy.  He helps with following directions, counting, shapes and ABCs. It is a little advanced, but Rosemary loves it! 

The puzzle of the week  is an other Melissa and Doug puzzle. This one actually makes sounds when you put the puzzle together!

And I introduced Rosemary to her first posting activity.  I gave her a water bottle and some coffee stirrers and she had a BLAST! It was the first thing she asked for every morning this week!

It was also a big hit with our cats! Rosemary knows how to share.

 Next week is a more general Animals theme with her toys.  She has no shortage of toys and books to go with that theme!  We will also change up the posting activity.  I had no idea the number of hours of fun you could get out of a water bottle and some coffee stirrers!  The joy of being a toddler!

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