My little sweeties

My little sweeties

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tot School: Gross Motor Skills

Rosemary is currently 13.5 months old.
Tot School

We are back after taking a week off from blogging!  Rosemary had no interest this week in sitting and doing anything, so I went with it and focused on letting her practice her gross motor skills. She enjoys backing up to sit on the step between the kitchen and the play room, or on my leg! She has also mastered going up and down the stairs. She has mastered that so well that she will have a tantrum if she wants to go up and down the stairs and I am busy doing something else!
Sitting on the ledge while Daddy reads a book!

 Going UP the stairs!

Leg up! Ready to go back down!

I didn't get any pictures of Ro going down. She has chosen to slide down on her belly feet first and she just went too fast for the camera-and for my comfort. I didn't have my hands more than six inches away from her at any point!

We also played a fair amount of tag and hide and seek!  Rosemary loved chasing me around the dining room table. And when that got boring, I'd go and hide behind a chair and she'd come and find me. That game kept us busy for 30 minutes some days! 

We have also worked hard on body parts and she can now point to her head, tummy, foot, nose, mouth and ear. She also claps when I ask where her hands are!  She is picking so many things up so fast!

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